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I was reading my morning Twitter feed when I came across this item from former Bama basketball player and Crimson Tide color analyst Bryan Passink: “Think IronBowl trophy should be presented at stadium after ftbl game(like most).Takes some focus from game & has no impact attendance(at UA).” I thought to myself that Passink may be […]

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It was announced yesterday that Nick Saban has decided to offer four-year scholarship to football players. Alabama was one of the four schools from the SEC that voted against offering four-year scholarships, but Saban is no fool. He realizes he would be at a competitive disadvantage if he didn’t offer players a full ride all […]

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In Case You Missed It…

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While trying to make an defensive play, Tide guard Levi Randolph took out announcer ESPN Jimmy Dykes. Fortunately, for Dykes and Randolph, no one was hurt but it was a pretty funny episode. Check it out this video from Awful

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The Alabama Men’s basketball team took to the basketball court to start its regular season on a positive note with pretty much an easy win over the North Florida Ospreys 64-44. The game was a must win under the belt for a team that had issues in this area early on in the season last […]

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