Saban To Now Offer Four-Year Scholarships


coach nick saban birthdayIt was announced yesterday that Nick Saban has decided to offer four-year scholarship to football players.

Alabama was one of the four schools from the SEC that voted against offering four-year scholarships, but Saban is no fool. He realizes he would be at a competitive disadvantage if he didn't offer players a full ride all four years.

And rather then be forced to do it, why not be ahead of the game and just announce your plans to offer four-year scholarships so that your rivals won't have some kind of advantage on you in recruiting.

Saban probably hates the idea in fact he pretty much said so in the past, but heĀ  really in the end, no choice.

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I just hope there are stipulations put on these kids that if a severe team violation or a run in with the law is committed the school can back out of the 4 year full ride. I know Nick will look out for the school in the long run, but some of these kids even after getting to play at a school that most of us could only dream of, still because of there past still have issues with the law and team rules violations. I will say tho that if it keeps Alabama bringing in the #1 recruiting class to Tuscaloosa every year I’m all for it. I mean heck we gotta keep these kids coming to the best school in the country and where they have a chance to get that ring every year…. ROLL TIDE ROLL

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