Should The Iron Bowl Trophy Be Given At The Basketball Game?


flea flicker alabama auburn iron bowl 2011I was reading my morning Twitter feed when I came across this item from former Bama basketball player and Crimson Tide color analyst Bryan Passink:

"Think IronBowl trophy should be presented at stadium after ftbl game(like most).Takes some focus from game & has no impact attendance(at UA)."

I thought to myself that Passink may be right. I mean we all know why they do it and that's to increase attendance at the basketball game, but I personally think that at least in Tuscaloosa, we don't need to do it for our attendance. Auburn is still Auburn and we would show up at the game even if we were playing them in checkers.

But at the same time, I don't really have a problem with it. It's one of the fun parts of the rivalry especially if you win; the winning school gets to collect their trophy on their home basketball court in front of their fans.

What would bother me would be if fans are only showing up for the trophy presentation which I think happens a lot more at Auburn since they aren't very good and they use that as a way to get fans to come to the games.

I understand where Passink is coming from, but he has no reason to worry. The stadium or the gym will NEVER been empty when Auburn comes to town.

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