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The Alabama Auburn rivalry is seen by the media as bunch of redneck crazies who have zero self-control and are hell-bent on killing each other. It just isn’t that way folks. Over 99.9% of all Alabama & Auburn fans are peace loving people, who just want to have a good time watching some football. At […]

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Penn State Sends Letter to Tide Fans

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In a very classy move, Steve Sampsell who is the director of college relations at Penn State, sent a very classy letter to UA’s student newspaper the Crimson White welcoming Alabama fans and students to their campus this weekend for the game against the Nittany Lions. Sampsell was very complimentary of how he and Penn […]

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There is an underlying current in the Michigan State fan base this year of being cheated out of a BCS Bowl. However, this writer & many others are relishing the opportunity to play Alabama, the defending national champions. Many people in the college football world still consider Alabama’s talent level as good as anyone in […]

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