VIDEO: Alabama & Auburn Fans, Players, & Bands Uniting Peacefully At Iron Bowl


alabama auburn iron bowl
The Alabama Auburn rivalry is seen by the media as bunch of redneck crazies who have zero self-control and are hell-bent on killing each other. It just isn't that way folks.

Over 99.9% of all Alabama & Auburn fans are peace loving people, who just want to have a good time watching some football.

At the Iron Bowl this last weekend, that was on full display. It was a beautiful as well as a peaceful day to beat the Tigers!

In the video below, you can see the Alabama & Auburn fans chatting & being cordial and even the bands united to pay a touching tribute to the victims of Alabama’s tornados last spring.

Not much press goes out to the good in Alabama & Auburn's rivalry, but as the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Forget Harvey Updyke’s tree poisoning or Finebaum’s banned Auburn caller who was elated that caller Shane Sez (who is a very outspoken Alabama fan) had lung cancer. Sure there is the crazy fringe like this in every fan base, but the vast majority of fans are very good people.

Watch the video and judge for yourself!


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