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The Alabama Auburn rivalry is seen by the media as bunch of redneck crazies who have zero self-control and are hell-bent on killing each other. It just isn’t that way folks. Over 99.9% of all Alabama & Auburn fans are peace loving people, who just want to have a good time watching some football. At […]

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There have been many memorable moments in the Alabama/Penn State rivalry over the years. There was the 1979 goal line stand made famous in the Sugar Bowl that won Alabama the national championship that no one will ever forget, but the two probably still most talked about plays in this rivalry took place in 1983 […]

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Quotes From The Capstone This Week

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Leading up to the rivalry game with the Tennessee Volunteers, there has been a lot of interesting, if not funny, quotes from the Alabama locker room. Check out what is being said from the top (Coach Saban) on down to the players. “I think you can kind of throw out everything — record and what […]

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Joe Paterno did not get where he is today without a few motivational tricks in his bag. To the media, he is painting his team as the underdog. David verses Goliath..but he is leaving room for hope for his ball club. He said that this Alabama team is as good as the Miami team in […]

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VIDEO: Alabama Vs. Penn State

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If this video don’t give you goose bumps, I have to question your love of Alabama football, or even college football in general. The table is set, and it is time for the traditional bluebloods of college football to clash. It is time to see the top football coach of today to meet one of […]

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