Quotes From The Capstone This Week


Leading up to the rivalry game with the Tennessee Volunteers, there has been a lot of interesting, if not funny, quotes from the Alabama locker room. Check out what is being said from the top (Coach Saban) on down to the players.

“I think you can kind of throw out everything — record and what happened last week and the first week of the year and all that stuff. This is a big game for both teams.”
Coach Nick Saban commenting on the Tennessee rivalry matchup

"I'm old-fashioned," said Coach Saban, who turns 59 this month. "I know they don't make them like they used to. That's what I tell the players all the time and they hate to hear it. Now, I'm going to say it publicly so they can really get upset about it."

“They don't really, because those guys were slower than we were. That's all I can say to it.”
Receiver/returner Marquis Maze, in response to Saban's saying recently that they don't make players like they once did

"We just need to step up and play more physical, execute more. We just have to play Alabama football." -Heisman Winning Running Back Mark Ingram

“Personally I don't hate Tennessee. I don't hate nobody. But it's a game, a rival game, so we've got to come in as it's going to be a big game and we've got to hate them for that simple fact.” 
Linebacker Courtney Upshaw commenting on the way that the Alabama players perceive the Tennessee game

“I think we just lack the trust in each other right now, and we just need to get that back.”
Quarterback Greg McElroy talking about the offensive problems in the last two weeks

"The goal of this game was for us to get back to playing with the kind of effort, the kind of toughness, and the discipline, execution and intensity that you need to play with to play winning football. We probably hit on the toughness part; I was pleased with that. I thought we tackled better on defense and played on the line of scrimmage better. We did a better job all the way around. I thought we gave a much better effort in this game. Guys really played hard, and I'm really proud of that. The intensity was good. The execution was not what it needs to be, and that's something we can to improve on." - Coach Nick Saban on the efforts by the team against Ole Miss

"I don't know many specifics about his circumstance there, but in my experiences that first year is very, very difficult in terms of your staff, everybody getting on board, getting the players to buy in... "
Saban said on his former LSU assistant (and now head football coach at Tennessee) Derek Dooley's job in his first year at Tennessee

"Back in their day, they played with leather helmets. Didn't have much protection."
Receiver/returner Marquis Maze, in response to Saban comparing player toughness to back in his day

"Back in his day, he'd make it sound like they were robots."
Defensive lineman Marcell Dareus said.

"He said, 'I would have never laid out there on the field,'"  Marcell Dareus said. "He said, 'I broke my leg in three places, and I still got up and ran off the field.' I said, 'OK.'"  
Then Dareus rolled his eyes and quipped..
"If I break my leg in three places, y'all might as well bring a stretcher," Dareus said.

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