Penn State Sends Letter to Tide Fans


In a very classy move, Steve Sampsell who is the director of college relations at Penn State, sent a very classy letter to UA’s student newspaper the Crimson White welcoming Alabama fans and students to their campus this weekend for the game against the Nittany Lions.

Sampsell was very complimentary of how he and Penn State fans were treated last year when they came to Tuscaloosa and wanted to extend the same hospitality to Alabama fans.

Here are just a few lines from Sampsell’s letter: “Our trip was a pleasure (aside from the not-unexpected outcome of the game) in large part because of Tide fans – especially students.”

“At one point, we were the only two people in Gallette’s wearing blue and white. It was just us, the live band and seemingly hundreds of Alabama students, and the students consistently asked us about our trip, encouraged us to have a good time, made recommendations on places to eat or simply thanked us for traveling south.”

As much as we all love SEC football, let’s be honest; you will probably never see a letter like this sent by LSU or Auburn’s PR department welcoming Bama fans or any fans for that matter to their campus.

Class is a rare thing among college football fans these days and it’s nice to see that some fan bases, still respect and understand the meaning of the word.

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You want a thank you letter from Auburn? Really? How about all of the help and support we sent to Tuscaloosa when you suffered the tragedy from the tornadoes? My co-workers and I took up over 8 grand in donations and personally hand delivered them to Tuscaloosa. Have we ever gotten a thank you letter from Alabama about the environment in Auburn? NO, we have not. All we have gotten from any Alabama fan was poisoned oaks at Toomers Corner. Yeah, Bama fans did take up donations to help it and we are appreciative of it, but it was a Bama fan that caused that so the only reason we received any help then was because you didn’t want to soil your name because of your classless fans. But you expect a thank you letter from us? HA, you must be delusional.


In regards to the letter that Steve Sampsell sent, (who is the director of college relations at Penn State). He sent it to UA’s student newspaper. He was making very nice comments on how he and the players were treated last year when we played Penn State at Alabama. He stated that several students from Alabama really made them feel welcomed. When I read part of the letter, it made me so very proud to be an Alabama fan. Keep up the good work students, faculty, staff and fans. I am glad I am from Alabama. Roll Tide!!


It is very unusual for someone to write us a nice letter. We are a very hospitable fan base and we pride ourselves on our Southern hospitality, something very few fans can be proud of in this date and time. So much meaness and all other down falls we have endured but it is always nice to hear someone say how good we (the people of Alabama Football) have made them feel and I am sure one to say thank you fans and friends of Alabama football, please keep up the good work. We need something to be PROUD of and I am certainly proud of our Crimson Tide Team and coaches. Thanks for all the memories you give us!!! ROLL TIDE ROLLLLL!!!!!!


I am writing to once again tell the Penn State Family how very much I enjoy it when our teams meet. I was unable to make the trip up this past weekend but it was evident from what I saw on tv that your fans in their white and ours in their crimson were having a blast. Sometimes, I wish all teams could remember the class that is a part of what college competition. So much of it is lost now to trash talk and making bets. So far this season, The Crimson Tide has been blessed to enjoy welcoming the wonderful folks from Kent St. whose team members came down early and helped with rebuilding in the tornado damaged city we call home; and the next week, we get to visit the best football fans in the world. I’ve always loved when Penn St. comes to T-town…you people love your school, your team, and you know how to party…but always with class. I always have a blast when y’all come south. I pray that you had as much fun with our folks this past weekend, despite the score. When it comes time to answer who are the best fans in college football, for me it will always be the fun loving group of Penn. St. faithful who make the trip down south. I love your coach, I love your enthusiasm and spirit and I want to thank you for always being so classy, but oh so much fun to hang with.
ROLL TIDE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope to see you in a HUGE bowl game soon.. maybe even the Sugar bowl somehow…I’d pay to see it!.

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