Some Michigan State Fans Feel Snubbed?


There is an underlying current in the Michigan State fan base this year of being cheated out of a BCS Bowl. However, this writer & many others are relishing the opportunity to play Alabama, the defending national champions.

Many people in the college football world still consider Alabama's talent level as good as anyone in the country. So it is no surprise when Michigan State president comes out to say that playing Alabama might be better than playing in any BCS game besides the national title game.

Michigan State, at 11-1 this year, had a dream season and won the Big 10 championship and yet... still will not get to play in the Rose Bowl. They are in the same Capital One Bowl as they played in 2 years ago with a 9-3 record.

To get a feel for the hard feelings of Michigan State fans who feel their team was left out of the Rose Bowl due to politics, read this column.

Follow this link to read this interesting column from State News in Lansing, MI.

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