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Trent Richardson = FREAK OF NATURE!

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Trent Richardson is FREAK OF NATURE when it comes to the weight room. He has to be one of the strongest football players per square inch of any player in college football today and it shows on the football field. Did you see him plow over half the Penn State defense on the way to […]

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I know that I am! While it is bad that we will miss the services of Marcell Dareus and Mark Ingram in possibly the next two games, I feel like this is going to be a great year to be an Alabama fan. The offense will carry us to victory in most every game, but […]

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One of the primary reasons for Alabama football’s resurgence on the football gridiron in the last couple of years can be directly attributed to one man, strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran. If you get anywhere around him on campus in Tuscaloosa, you definitely know when he’s around. His voice is easily heard hollaring at […]

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