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Gene Chizik should have kept his mouth shut. (Not that it mattered anyway!) He butted heads with the NCAA & Enforcement Officer Roe Lach in a meeting this summer over the investigation into Cam Newton. The NCAA’a response? ” You’ll know when we’re finished. And we’re not finished.” Now the juice is starting to flow. […]

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Are You Rooting For Auburn Today?

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I know I am (..until after they play the Georgia game that is). Why? As unsavory as it may seem, Auburn is in fact #1 in the BCS right now. Alabama needs the farmboys to stay in the top spot to have the computer juice to get to #2 or #1 in the BCS. I […]

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Do you remember the moral victories by the fans of the Shula days? Long gone are those mediocre days. Bama fans have higher expectations now. Our fans now expect perfection…Auburn fans revel now in “moral victories” and dole out excuses like cornbread caviar. To me, it is so funny to see the Auburn fans going from […]

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