Are You Rooting For Auburn Today?


I know I am (..until after they play the Georgia game that is). Why? As unsavory as it may seem, Auburn is in fact #1 in the BCS right now. Alabama needs the farmboys to stay in the top spot to have the computer juice to get to #2 or #1 in the BCS.

I know.. I know.. take it one game at a time, however I do believe that Alabama & Auburn will win-out until the Iron Bowl. Can you imagine the national attention if Alabama is in the top 5 at that time and Auburn is at #1? It will be all-out-war for the chance to play for not only the SEC championship, but also for the crystal ball in Glendale, AZ.

Today, Auburn plays what many would consider a classic "trap-game." Coming off actually a great game by superstar QB Cam Newton, the Auburn Tigers will need to be pulled by to earth by super-laidback coach, Gene Chizik. The stakes could not be higher for Auburn and Alabama. Before you can eat the feast, you must set the table. So I am looking for Auburn to help set-the-table for the Iron Bowl to be special this year.

You can bet that Houston Nutt however has different plans. He has been known to pull off upsets over his tenure at both Ole Miss and Arkansas when you least expect him to.

In 2008, Nutt's Ole Miss Rebels travelled to the heart of Gator country in Gainesville, FL as 22-point underdogs and handed the eventual national champion Florida Gators their only loss all season long.

In 2007, Houston Nutt and his feisty Arkansas Razorbacks defeated the No. 1 LSU Tigers 50-48 in triple overtime on the road in Baton Rouge as 2 touchdown underdog. LSU proceeded to go on and win the national championship that year. (The year that Les Miles famously said that the LSU Tigers were “undefeated in regulation”).

In 2006, Auburn was #2 and was soundly drubbed by Coach Nutt's Arkansas squad to the tune of 27-10 at Jordan-Hare, even though they came in as a 15-point underdog.

Houston Nutt has made a living out of carving up top teams. Auburn better watch out, because they haven't played nearly as well on the road as they have at home. Granted, Ole Miss is not top level competition (they lost to Jacksonville State this year by the way), however they are playing in Oxford and the #1 team always has a target on its back. The question now is this... will a Nutt team strike again? Will the #1 team come down?

Let's hope not. Bama needs a victory over a #1 on its resume.

As much as I hate to say it... "War Eagle!" until the Iron Bowl is here. Sad but true. We need to root for Auburn to help our chances on the national scene.

When the Iron Bowl rolls around... Then it is time for "fried pussycat" (as Cousin Eddie famously said in National Lampoon's Christmas vacation) on Iron Bowl day in the form of a "Tiger roast."

Nothing would be sweeter than a defeat over Auburn on the way to back-to-back national championships. Like I already said though... lets take it one game at a time.

There are a lot of games to be played before November 26 rolls around. But left-over eagle....errrr ...I mean turkey is always good the day after Thanksgiving!


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