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I was not even born yet, but my dad loves to talk about this era of Alabama football. It was 1960’s Alabama football.  He even has old year books of Alabama from that era.  He can tell story after story about those days.  This video below is right up his alley  With 3 official national […]

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Urban Meyer is stepping down as head football coach of the Florida Gators. Urban Meyer will be leaving Florida at the top of his profession in the last 10 years. He holds the highest winning percentage of all coaches with more than 10 years of experience. In six years at Florida, he won 2 national […]

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Are You Rooting For Auburn Today?

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I know I am (..until after they play the Georgia game that is). Why? As unsavory as it may seem, Auburn is in fact #1 in the BCS right now. Alabama needs the farmboys to stay in the top spot to have the computer juice to get to #2 or #1 in the BCS. I […]

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I appreciate the great speech and wonderful attitude of the president as he greeted Bama in the east room of the White House today in Washington DC.   Watch the video to hear his speech.  Here is the full text of President Obama’s full speech about the 2009 Crimson Tide’s National Championship year. “Hello, everybody! Please, have a […]

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