Where’s the Defense in the SEC?


After watching two weeks of college football one thing is certain: The defense that is being played out there is terrible. How do you explain scores like this over the weekend: 41-35, 45-42, 35-31. Even the Iowa/Iowa State game got into the 40’s.

I looked up NCAA defensive stats this morning and found only two SEC teams in the top 10 in total defense and only one (Alabama) was in the top five. What happened to defense in the SEC?

While certain media types fall all over themselves praising the great games this weekend, no one seems to care that defense in the SEC has fallen all over the league.

Teams like Mississippi State, Auburn, Georgia, and South Carolina, all ranked in the top 25 (except Georgia) and none of them are near the top 25 or even top 30 in total defense; think about that ya’ll.

Here is something else for you to chew on; Vanderbilt and Kentucky are higher ranked in total defense then the teams I just mentioned.

But the teams I mentioned garner a lot of praise because they can outscore anybody. Alabama on the other hand which just dominated a Big Ten team, basically gets no mention at all because they just went out there and did their job.

There was no exciting last minute goal line stand or a tremendous Hail Mary throw to win the game, just total dominance which no one seems to appreciate these days.

Keep this in mind folks, those great offensive teams I mentioned, probably won’t be playing for the national championship in January. Great offense might win you some games, but it’s the defense that wins championships.


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