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Where’s the Defense in the SEC?

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After watching two weeks of college football one thing is certain: The defense that is being played out there is terrible. How do you explain scores like this over the weekend: 41-35, 45-42, 35-31. Even the Iowa/Iowa State game got into the 40’s. I looked up NCAA defensive stats this morning and found only two […]

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Nice look at the video highlights on ESPN of the Alabama / Mississippi State game this last weekend. It was an impressive victory over a tenacious 4-5 MSU Bulldogs who played some other top teams close. Many prior to the game thought Miss. St. would be a potential trap game for Alabama, but it wasn’t […]

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Most people when they looked at the LSU 4th quarter alledged “interception” by LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson aren’t looking at the right things.  Clearly Julio had a hand on the ball and a foot out bounds.  See the frame here!  Most people are looking at the LSU players toes, and not even considering Julio.   Nevertheless, the […]

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