Proof That The “SUPPOSED” LSU INT Was Out Bounds!


Most people when they looked at the LSU 4th quarter alledged "interception" by LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson aren't looking at the right things.  Clearly Julio had a hand on the ball and a foot out bounds.  See the frame here!  Most people are looking at the LSU players toes, and not even considering Julio.   Nevertheless, the sideline & replay officials saw everything and got the call right. 

To me, it is ridiculous to hear whining from LSU, Auburn, (and get this...even a few Alabama - don't ask me but I had one person that I knew was an Alabama fan email me claiming this theory) fans about the possibility of a SEC conspiracy leading to a Florida Alabama rematch....and they say that this "bad" call proves it.  Do you think that they would be that obvious in carrying out their conspiracy anyway?  This wild speculation is based primarily on the untrained eye of viewers that do not what all to look for. 

Les Miles took the high road and went through the proper channels through the SEC in filing his complaints.    It’s the right thing to do.  I commend him for that...but the crazy ideas out there are about as nut-so as believing the Kennedy assassination and 911 attacks were all government led conspiracies.  It is just fantasy land in my opinion. 

Now back to football… Check out the frame that shows Julio Jones toe out of bounds and his hand on the ball.  Cut and dried. BALL CLEARLY OUT OF BOUNDS... no INT!



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this is just another example of piss poor officiating. I thought refs were supposed to be unbiased. That is alright we still gonna be SEC champions ” Roll Tide “

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