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Alabama took Sunday and Monday off from the eight game start of the season.  The players needed recuperation time to refresh both mentally and physically.  Coach Saban has already indicated that this week of practice will be used to stress the fundamentals.  Starting next week, the normal game week schedule will kick in as Alabama will […]

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Where’s the Defense in the SEC?

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After watching two weeks of college football one thing is certain: The defense that is being played out there is terrible. How do you explain scores like this over the weekend: 41-35, 45-42, 35-31. Even the Iowa/Iowa State game got into the 40’s. I looked up NCAA defensive stats this morning and found only two […]

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I was not even born yet, but my dad loves to talk about this era of Alabama football. It was 1960’s Alabama football.  He even has old year books of Alabama from that era.  He can tell story after story about those days.  This video below is right up his alley  With 3 official national […]

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