VIDEO: Alabama Practice Tuesday October 25th


Alabama took Sunday and Monday off from the eight game start of the season.  The players needed recuperation time to refresh both mentally and physically.  Coach Saban has already indicated that this week of practice will be used to stress the fundamentals.  Starting next week, the normal game week schedule will kick in as Alabama will install its gameplan for the Bengal Tigers who are coming to town on Novemeber 5th (you have heard about this game I am sure, we are playing a team called LSU and they happen to be ranked #1.  Time to take it away from them! 🙂

In the video below, you will see that Alabama is practicing hard to do everything right fundamentally & to maintain their physical stamina in this bye week.  The way Bama prepares for LSU is critical, because LSU is a formidable foe.  In fact, LSU is the only team in America that compares even remotely to Bama's dominance in the first half of the season.  Who wins this game will be the one who prepares the best (Bama of course!)

Anyway, check out the video, you can see the coaches jacking up players who fire off too fast or do things wrong.  They are coming back to do it again, and doing it right. 

After all... That is the Bama Way.


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