I’m Back! Been Watching Bama, But No Time to Write in Last 2 Weeks


Ok, I am back to posting Bama stories once again for my Facebook fans! To let you know what has been holding me back, we are buying our first house and it has been very time consuming. I had to do several repairs myself, including installing a new door for the first time. Meanwhile, Bama has played 2 games since my last post!

The Duke game was a bit of a snoozer after the 1st quarter outburst and the hogs game this last week was a bit too much! I am glad we came out on top, and I am pumped about playing Florida this week!

Look for me to be back to posting more articles for rest of season, although next week will be hit and miss since I need to paint and move.

Lots going on, but one thing is for sure, I am still here and still pumped up about the Crimson Tide!

Roll Tide!

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Congrats on being a first time homebuyer.
I just had to say that Bama played an outstanding game against Florida. Roll Tide Roll!

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