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If you like watching old movies, you may of heard of some fella named Fred Astaire. I was looking up Youtube videos tonight on Arkansas and came across the Razorback Fred Astaire. This looks like a scene right out of Royal Wedding where Fred dances up the wall and on the ceiling…. (mix it up […]

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Ok, I am back to posting Bama stories once again for my Facebook fans! To let you know what has been holding me back, we are buying our first house and it has been very time consuming. I had to do several repairs myself, including installing a new door for the first time. Meanwhile, Bama […]

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Arkansas Razorback Jokes

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Looking for some jokesters who can help skin some hogs with their funny jokes about the Razorbacks.  Post your Arkansas joke below in comments on the website.  I will choose the best one each week and post the winner after the game!  Here are some of my favorite… Q: What do you call Arkansas […]

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In the old days, everybody had a hog they would fatten up for killing and curing the meat.  In the fall, it was “Hawg Killing TIME,”  Arkansas, lookout… we have a HUNGRY TIDE team ready for HOG MEAT! I believe this Bama team is on a mission to finish the job from last year.  To […]

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