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Ok, I am back to posting Bama stories once again for my Facebook fans! To let you know what has been holding me back, we are buying our first house and it has been very time consuming. I had to do several repairs myself, including installing a new door for the first time. Meanwhile, Bama […]

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Bama is stacked! Defending national champion Alabama has the most first-team all SEC football players on the coaches preseason all SEC team. ALL SEC OFFENSE From Alabama there is, of course, Heisman award winning running back Mark Ingram on first-team offense. Also there is Julio Jones at wide receiver, Barry Jones on the offensive line. […]

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I smell a skunk!  Personally, I think the 2010 schedule for Alabama is unfair for the SEC opponents we play, in terms of talent, but there’s something odd about their schedules are laid out against Alabama. All six have a bye week before the Alabama game! Thats right! I will repeat… Alabama plays 6 SEC […]

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Alabama Resting Players For Weekend

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Alabama is going to only practice its players for 3 days this week and will give the players the weekend off after Thursday practice. This week the Alabama football team just practiced fundamentals with the intention of getting the players mentally prepared for the final stretch run of the season. Hopefully the weekend rest will […]

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Mount Cody is one of the most exciting players on the Alabama football team. At over 350 pounds, he is most definitely a force to be reckoned with as opposing offenses try to keep him out of the backfield. Check out this leap like Superman as this mountain flys over a “Mallet” following an Arenas […]

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