Another View Of The Whitehouse Ceremony for 2009 Alabama Football Team



Check out the big eye of the lady wondering who is behind her videoing the Whitehouse ceremony!  Funny stuff, but actually she is reaching for her child... but I really just wanted to give you another view of what is a landmark moment in Alabama football history.   Nice look at the interior of the room as well with the big chandeliers & old fashioned crown molding.   Looks much better than the interior decoration at the Auburn barn!  LOL    

Think about this...  this is history... and hopefully one that will recur over and over.  With 13 championships, this is only the 2nd White House visit by the herd of elephants known as the Crimson Tide.  The first was with Gene Stallings & the 92 crew.  I hope we have many more to come!

Wacth the Obama speech on the Alabama National Championship... and check out the big eye at 1:13!  🙂 

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