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Some Facebook fans are wishing for a rematch of the Iron Bowl in a scrimmage.  The “game” would be for for a good cause, fundraising for tornado relief.   I think it is a novel idea, but one that I think will never fly with current players.  There is simply too much at risk (injury-wise) to play […]

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Every team has an award ceremony for awarding the play of individual players following a football season.  Alabama is no different.  On Sunday night at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center in Birmingham, the team provided recognition to the individual players in 2010 that exceled on the field & in the classroom.  Coach Saban addressed the […]

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Check out the big eye of the lady wondering who is behind her videoing the Whitehouse ceremony!  Funny stuff, but actually she is reaching for her child… but I really just wanted to give you another view of what is a landmark moment in Alabama football history.   Nice look at the interior of the room […]

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