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See Alabama’s players back to work today getting ready for the BCS Championship game. Coach Saban said that the players were anxious to get back to work and had “good energy and enthusiasm in the work.” With the vigorous off-season workouts the players have undergone since the Auburn game, Coach Saban was concerned that the […]

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We Alabama fans don’t have to be told how amazing Julio Jones was in terms of toughness. After all, he is the same guy who came in the Tennessee game this year after breaking his hand verses South Carolina, and two weeks later set a record at Alabama with 221 yards on 12 catches. He […]

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I was just watching this video on Mount Cody’s, or make that (Rabbit) Cody’s workout, and man he looks trim & fit! He will do good in the pros if he can maintain this (or even trim down a little more). Man, he moves fast for a big man. Check out the Mount Cody video […]

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