Julio Jones Amazing NFL Combine Workout Was On Broken Foot!



We Alabama fans don't have to be told how amazing Julio Jones was in terms of toughness. After all, he is the same guy who came in the Tennessee game this year after breaking his hand verses South Carolina, and two weeks later set a record at Alabama with 221 yards on 12 catches. He is simply tough.

Prior to the Tennessee game, Coach Saban summoned the phenom this last season to his office to ask him about his hand. Saban recalled that, "His response to me was, 'I don't want to be held out of anything. I want to practice and do everything. I need to practice and do everything if I'm going to do well in the game,'" Saban stated.

Now the NFL is seeing the same toughness up close. He beat everyone on the field with a fractured foot!

He flat out beat A.J Green in 40. Beat everyone in the broad jump... all on a broke foot.

One of the top analysts of the draft, Charley Casserly of the NFL Network, remarked that “This guy really helped himself with that workout on Sunday," when referring to Julio.

Many experts don't expect Jones to go past the 14th pick (Rams) without being picked. He has definitely improved his stock in the draft.

Many are looking at the Jones workout in the same light as the Michael Crabtree workout of 2009 that wowed the scouts. Much like Julio, he also had a with a stress fracture in his left foot. He ended up picked 10th in that draft.

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