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Simply A”Maze”ing!

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Marquis Maze has been showing up every week in a big way. On the season, he is the leading receiver for Alabama with 31 catches / 355 yards receiving and 504 yards on the return game. He has filled in the void left by the parting of Julio Jones to the NFL quite nicely. Week […]

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Some Facebook fans are wishing for a rematch of the Iron Bowl in a scrimmage.  The “game” would be for for a good cause, fundraising for tornado relief.   I think it is a novel idea, but one that I think will never fly with current players.  There is simply too much at risk (injury-wise) to play […]

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In my book… YES! Now that football season has wound down, the crystal football is in the case, & recruiting is winding down. We are now waiting for the A-day game. So from time to time, we will be highlighting some Alabama history from time to time. I was thinking about Tyrone Prothro’s catch against […]

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