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Nick Saban will come off the recruiting trail this weekend to make an appearance on ESPN’s College Game Day. Saban (although he denies it) will probably be campaigning for Alabama to be in the BCS Championship Game and for Trent Richardson to win the Heisman. Saban did the same thing last year even through the […]

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Alabama is being covered today at home on ESPN’s Gameday. Alabama is 0-5 with at-home games that have been covered by the show. Now, I am not a superstitious person, but there are folks that beleive it is a “Gameday Hoax”. I find all that talk ridicuous, and more like the thinking of the middle […]

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VIDEO: Alabama Vs. Penn State

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If this video don’t give you goose bumps, I have to question your love of Alabama football, or even college football in general. The table is set, and it is time for the traditional bluebloods of college football to clash. It is time to see the top football coach of today to meet one of […]

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