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You would think that a man like Nick Saban would be able to rest on his laurels in the days following the first national championship in over a decade, but Nick Saban is not your average football coach. He recognizes the challenges that face his team in this upcoming year and he knows full well […]

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Saban.. He Is Worth Every Penny!

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Not only is it the pride of two states playing for the #1 ranking in the country and a chance to take home a beautiful crystal football trophy, but there’s a lot of money on the table for the coaches to take home. For both coach Mack Brown & Nick Saban. When Nick Saban came to […]

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The New Year is upon us and the prospect of the first national championship since 1992 is upon the Crimson Tide nation.  The Crimson Tide fan base is buzzing in anticipation of the chance to play in the biggest game of the year (or was that the Florida game?)   Hopefully, the intensity will be the […]

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