Like The Energizer Bunny, Nick Saban Still Going Strong!



You would think that a man like Nick Saban would be able to rest on his laurels in the days following the first national championship in over a decade, but Nick Saban is not your average football coach. He recognizes the challenges that face his team in this upcoming year and he knows full well that there will be a huge target on his team by all his competitors. Sure, he reportedly took a break at Lake Burton, GA for two days following the championship game, but I bet there is more than just relaxing going on. His mind is always thinking about making the "process" better.

Did you get the same feeling as I did when Nick Saban was on stage to lift the crystal football following the championship game?  It appeared that he was already thinking about next year.. I may be wrong but I doubt I am, he is simply the most driven coach in America today.   

There's simply no coach in the college ranks that is willing to out-work Nick Saban.  This is a man that creates rule changes in the NCAA because he so far ahead of the other coaches in terms of scouting players.  Commonly called the "Saban rule", coaches are now prohibited from stepping on a high school campus during the spring evaluation. The rule was made to slow down coaches like Nick Saban from getting in ahead of the other lazy coaches across America.  There is no doubt, that Nick Saban is the "Energizer Bunny" of college football.

Nick Saban is hard at work trying to bring in another number one recruiting class in America.  It will definitely be in the top five in all the scouting services. This follows two years of number one recruiting class' In a row.  Word is that Nick Saban was in the home of the newly dubbed five-star wide receiver, Markeith Ambles, of McDonough, GA.   The "Energizer Bunny" keeps moving... to bring more crytsal back to T-town.   It is simply part of the process...working hard to "dominate your competition" or...

   As Nick Saban stated it best on Saturday, "This isn't the end, this is the beginning."

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Christopher Bryant
January 20th, 2010 at 10:50 pm

Nick Saban is the hardest working coach in the country. He will win at Alabama..

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