Nick Saban Rubs Spurrier’s Nose In It


The big man on campus, Coach Nick Saban, pretty much body slammed Steve Spurrier's pathetic whine of the week over Alabama's kicker using tape. Granted, rules are rules, but it has to show you how far the "visor" has fallen since his hey-day in the late 90's in Florida.

In case you don't know the story, Steve Spurrier complained that Alabama was cheating on kicks by putting down tape to spot the hold. Kept in prospective, if you consider the fact that we would have still beaten the South Carolina Chickens by 12-6 even if we were stripped of our points from field goals.

Commissioner Slive agreed with my opinion that this "whine" is definitely cheesy and said that there would be no penalties for the schools who broke the rule in the past, he said. "That's the end of it," Slive said.

Watch this video of Saban's reaction from Youtube below. Can you sense the sarcasm in his voice? LOL

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