FUNNY VIDEO! We Need More Dawgs… Not Cats!


I know this isn't Alabama, but it was too funny to keep to myself! Check out Coastal Carolina's coach, David Bennett, ranting about his players being more like "dawgs" instead of cats! The whole rant was prett goofy as he describes a cat that can't get out of the house after coming in the screen door.

No wonder, thay are playing "Cat"awba College this weekend!!! LOL This guy is hilarious, and we thought Les Miles was the goofiest coach in America!

I have to say though.... Coach Bennett is the real CAT'S MEOW of off-the-wall college coachs! Pa du ching! I could not resist!

Anyway... Check out the video below of the coach with all the "CATTY REMARKS!" Pa du ching! Sign me up to Leno or Letterman! LOL

It is definitely "Enough to make a cat laugh!"   Enough already... watch the video!

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