Is This Coach Saban Shredding? Or His Twin With A Mullett?


coach-saban-shreddingWho knew that Coach Nick Saban liked to put on a wig like a 80's rocker and be a shredder like Eddie Van Halen??? Well.... not really... in the video, however, it seems that Coach Saban must have a long lost twin brother running around with a guitar in hand AND a huge mullett so big it'll knock you on your butt when he headbangs! LOL

He looks just looks so like's uncanny! It is so funny...take a look at the video below. He even has a crimson colored vest! Very similar to Coach Saban, except Coach likes a gray vest instead. LOL!

This cool dude comes in with a guitar solo at the 2:40 mark. We need him to come in and play Sweet Home Alabama at a concert in Bryant Denny in that crimson vest... man that would be coooool!

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