VIDEO: Some Alabama Fan’s Turned Away at Fan Day


The Alabama Crimson Tide placed a time limit of 45 minutes on the autograph session for fan day. I know there are time obligations for the coaches and players to meet, but it seems to me like they should at least clear out a full hour (or really two) in advance to be with the fans more. Without fans, Alabama football would not be what it is today.

The famous country music group Alabama was famous for always staying to sign autographs until the last fan left after a concert. It wasn’t required, but it was a true gesture of appreciation that the boys from Fort Payne would show their fans on a regular basis.

It shouldn’t be too much to ask Alabama to give a good 2 hours of autographs & pictures to the fans that truly pay the bills at the Capstone. Alabama fans did not get individual pictures (although in the video below you see a fan get one in passing as Coach Nick Saban exits).

I normally don't rant against Alabama in any way... but come on, Mal Moore, think about the average Joe who drove from Huntsville or Mobile to be turned away at the last minute. I was a bit turned off by this time limit policy, but he... they did not ask me ...and it was painfully obvious that they did not ask the average Joe who was last in line, either.

You will see what I mean in the video below.

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I didn’t go to the fan day because our local newspaper and published that it would only be a 45min. session and you could only get one autograph.I support Alabama football all year long but i am not going to drive 2hrs. for one autogragh.Do i agree with the way it’s done no Saban can do better and he knows this.Why things were changed do not know.It should go back to bening done on a-day game that morning in coleman colisuium.

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