Bear Bryant Coke Bottle


If you lived in Alabama over the last 40 years, you are bound to have seen the Bear Bryant Coke bottle somewhere around. These bottles are considered collectors items and can be found on sale on auction at ebay all the time. Check out the list of Bear Bryant's Coca Cola bottles below.

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We have at least one, possibly two of the sealed Bear Bryant coke bottles. I don’t know when they were acquired, but I would guess our family bought them new in the early 1970’s. My brother graduated in June of 70 and cousins prior to that, so I don’t know where they came from or when for sure. We’ve enjoyed having that novelty in our home all these years. The coca cola looks pretty sad!!


I bought at auction 24 sealed Coke and the “Bear” bottles in the wooden case. I might be willing to part with them, only because I have been laid off from my job, if the price was right. Make me an offer!

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