Daniel Moore Grand Edition Canvas “The Sack” – Asking Price $22K!


Some of you think the Penn State tickets are expensive, wait until you get a load of how much the Daniel Moore Grand Edition Canvas of the "The Sack" is going for on ebay... $22,000 bucks! It is a beautiful painting, but this painting has to be the ultimate splurge for the Alabama fan. It is very rare being #14 out of only 15 made by painter Daniel Moore. "The Sack" depicts the bone crushing tackle that Cornelius Bennett put on Notre Dame's quarterback Steve Beuerlein back in 1986. Link to it below!

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This painting is not for the faint at heart! You have to be a real die-hard Alabama fan with money to burn! The size of this painting is 6 ft 4 in Wide and 4 ft 8 in in Height and the ebay listing says it is mint condition! Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

The poster said it would be good displayed in a box suite or game room. For that much money, it would be in a vault for me... no worry, however, I dont have that much money anyway! In a game room, my kids would stick a pool stick through it!

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