Cremated Human Remains Dumped on Jordan Hare Field Following Game


The Auburn Turf Crew is reporting via Twitter that the ashes & bone fragments of a cremated person were scattered on Jordan Hare. It is probably during the storming of the field that some fan either spilled or dumped the ashes on Auburn's field. Considering the moment in Iron Bowl history, it probably was done on purpose. Most people don't carry around cremated remains with them loose enough to accidentally spill them accidentally.

Who does this anyway? Auburn fans.

Apparently this has happened before. At The War Eagle Reader, it is reported that this is not the first time that human remains have been left on Jordan Hare. Not only is it gross, according to the report it also prone to killing the grass.

Whoever this pile of ashes is, being dumped on Jordan Hare is certainly strange. Even for the Iron Bowl! Auburn fans treat Jordan Hare like a pilgrimage to Mecca. Crazy.

Anyway... Check out the picture of the ashes as tweeted out by the Auburn Turf team at

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