Vandy’s Franklin Calls Saban, “Nicky Satan”


Talk about coach envy! Vanderbilt's James Franklin apparently is a little jealous of what is going on under Saban. So much so, he publicly gave Coach Saban a nickname, "Nicky Satan". Franklin went on to say that he was going to outwork Saban (or "Satan" if you will) to get Vandy to the top of the SEC. You have to admire his spunk, but his professionalism and class took a hit with this one. Imagine if Saban had called Gene Chizik, "Green Cheesewiz" or Steve Spurrier "Steam Spurhead" or something crazy like that? It would look a little stupid and very unprofessional. So for Franklin, this really doesn't reflect well on a university that is supposed to be among the elite academic institutions in the country. You can see the video below.

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