“UT Hopes Are Gone”


Crazy song about the woes in Tennessee.  This song decribes everything from their top recruits being wooed in Tuscaloosa to jailbirds to the Kiffin exodus.. Funny stuff! 

"Mine eyes have seen the falling of the UT Volunteers.."   

"Lordy Lordy Rammer jammer another Vol is in the Slammer, the UT Hopes Are Gone..."

"Recruits are in Alabammer"

"The UT Hopes are Gone" by written and recorded by Kenneth Watson (An Alabama Fan)

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earlier today on this websight i listened to a song ut hopes aare gone
now it has been taken off
can you please tell me how to get or nut it please ?


ty for putting this song back up, my wife is a stupid tennessee fan,been playing it for her 5 times a day

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