Grant For SEC Coach Of The Year? Scarbinsky Thinks So


anthony grant basketball coach alabama men'sI know most Bama fans aren't fans of Birmingham News sports writer Kevin Scarbinsky, but Scarbinsky had an interesting article recently about Tide head coach Anthony Grant being SEC Coach of the Year.

Scarbinsky points out how Grant has managed to achieve success this year despite having to suspend his two best players; one for the whole year and the other for part of the SEC schedule.

But some fans may argue that Grant doesn't deserve the honor because the Tide was expected to be a tournament team this year and because of the year Kentucky is having which looks as if they will finish undefeated in conference play.

The good news about this is that a lot of the media agrees with Scarbinsky's assetment of Grant and think he deserves a lot of praise for doing it the right way which may work in his favor.

Do you think Anthony Grant deserves to be Coach of the Year?

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