Bama Basketball Fan Becoming The “Face” Of Tide Basketball


If you don't know who Jack Blankenship is, you will soon. Blanksenhip is an Alabama basketball fan and student whose face is now becoming infamous for distracting Tide opponents.

A photographer with the Birmingham News took a picture of a Florida player dunking the other night and just so happen to capture Blankenship's face during the dunk.

But Blankenship's picture first got noticed by ESPN announcer Pam Ward during the Tide's epic double overtime victory over Ole Miss.

When Ward saw Blankenship she said this: "This guy ... who does that? I mean, who makes a picture of themselves?"

Some have called the Blankenship picture the photo of the year in the SEC. Blankenship, meanwhile is stunned by his instant celebrity status.

"I was walking to class today, and two strangers came up to me and said, 'Oh, you're the guy with the face,'" Blankenship said. "Pretty wild to say the least."

Blankenship says he'd like to become a stand-up comedian someday and if you take a look at the picture, he is well on his way to becoming a hit around the country.

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