What’s Wrong With The Alabama Basketball Team?


A four game losing streak, players not playing hard and bad shooting are just a few reasons why this team is struggling, but let's get to the real reason why the Tide is having a hard time; the lack of passion from some of the players.

Coach Anthony Grant won't say the names, but if you watch the games folks you know exactly who he is talking about;  Tony Mitchell and JaMychal Green. Green was a problem last year and Grant sat him for a few games which seem to get him back on track.

But since he has come back from his injury, Green has struggled to produce from the field. He had one big game so far and that was against Kentucky when he scored 20 points, so he may have an excuse for his bad player; Mitchell doesn't.

Mitchell seems like he cares more about his NBA career then playing which is what Coach Grant was hinting about. He takes off plays, at times doesn't play good defense and has gotten the big head since he appears on Sportscenter a lot because of his dunking ability.

I'm guilty of gushing over his abilities as well because he is a darn good player. I just he would be more team oriented then self oriented. I've even heard some Tide fans say this morning they'd rather sit Green and Mitchell in favor of the freshman because they seem to play better and I can't argue with that.

But if you do that, you giving up on the season and the season is far from being over. But Grant is going to have to do something to get their attention and maybe he needs to sit Mitchell until he gets his head screwed back on tight.

Don't give up on tis team yet folks, they are talented enough to make a run as they did last year and end up in the NCAA Tournament, but the winning streak has to start somewhere and let's hope it starts Saturday against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

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