4th Tennessee Player Charged With Breaking The Law



Does it seem like the wheels are coming off of Lane Kiffin's team in a hurry? Court records were revealed Tuesday that a fourth Tennessee player, freshman Nyshier Oliver, has been charged with shoplifting on 1:45 p.m. on Nov. 7, hours before the TN/Memphis game.  The court appearance is scheduled on Nov. 23.   According to the court records, a $110 brown polo shirt was lifted from a local Dillards department store.

The citation occurred on Information about this comes forth after the 3 player robbery attempt at a local Knoxville gas station. Meanwhile two of the three players involved in the armed robbery were dismissed from the team.  (Also, good move by Kiffin in weeding out the armed robbery suspects..  do it before the law does it anyway. )

In statement from head Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin on the dismissals,

"Our No. 1 rule is to protect the team," Kiffin said. "As the head coach, I have to make decisions that sometimes you don't want to make. It was a sad day yesterday for those two kids. I wish them the best of luck. They obviously made a very poor decision. We can't allow that to be a part of our team. That decision-making can't be anywhere near what we are doing."

All I can say is that was one "steal" of a freshman class that Kiffin brought in! All kidding aside, I hope that TN gets things straightened out, the SEC doesn't need this kind of publicity.

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