Breaking News – LSU Suspends “Honey Badger” & Others For Auburn Game


In what possibly could be a season-altering event for the LSU Tigers, three of LSU's top players are facing suspension for the Auburn game come Saturday. The players inclding top defensive player, "Honey Badger" DB Tyrann Mathieu, DB Tharold Simon, and starting RB Spencer Ware.

The LSU student newspaper, The Daily Reveille, first reported today that the Mathieu and Ware suspensions are related to failed drug tests, at this hour there is no official confirmation. Miles is on the record as saying that those reports were "way left of center." So we will wait and see.

The suspensions are only for one game, so they will definitely miss the Auburn game. ESPN is reporting that "the suspensions could turn into multiple-game suspensions" if these turn out to be the second drug-related offense by both Ware and Mathieu. If so, this could impact LSU's performance in the Alabama game.

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If this is the 2nd failed drug test for either or both players, what are the odds that Miles will actually suspend them or does he have the final say? A player messes up once, shame on him but twice, shame on the school that doesn’t punish them appropriately. Just because someone is a good football player, they should not be above the law!!!

Alabama Crimson Tide
October 20th, 2011 at 3:32 pm

It has not been confirmed by the university that this was the case. It has been reported that it was, but nothing official.

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