Glad We Didn’t Get Spurrier Now? I Am!


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Tuesday, Steve Spurrier made him and South Carolina look bad by the actions he took toward one reporter.   It was about as immature as it gets when dealing with the media. 

Coach Spurrier went on a tirade rant claiming that a reporter from the local South Carolina state newspaper columnist, Ron Morris, wrote something non-factual in the paper back last spring. 

He said the guy is a "negative guy who tries to hurt our football program." 

The egregious offense? 

Spurrier "luring" a player away from the South Carolina basketball program.   Woooooooooooo...

A "completely fabricated story" according to Spurrier.  So he is "disassociating" from him by not talking when he is in the media room. 

Doesn't it sound like Spurrier is taking his ball and going home?  Not to mention sticking his tongue out as he does it. 

Don't you think Spurrier could have handled this in a more professional manner?  How about just talking to the guy one-on-one instead of calling him out months afterward in public?   It is just wierd. 

It just reeks of immaturity from someone who is supposed to be the elder statesman in the SEC.  In fact, at one time Spurrier was considered the best coach in the SEC if not in America. 

Now that his mojo is gone, the Gamecocks are floundering, and his beloved QB Steven Garcia is gone, Ol' Ballcoach seems more like "Old Cranky Ballcoach."

Not long after his reporter rant, the announcement that Steven Garcia was off the team for good in relation to not complying with the terms of his reinstatement.  Garcia had been suspended 5 previous times for breaking team rules.   

It is sad to see Garcia take the road he has taken, but that is no reason for Spurrier to go on a personal attack for a minor factoid mistake in the local newspaper.   

Like anyone cares if that player was swiped from from the basketball team!  Neither team was great anyway.  Good maybe , but not great. 

Yeah, I know they beat Bama last year, but the fact remains that they got obliterated by Auburn in the SEC Championship and this year lost once again to Auburn this year.   Their schedule looks easy but I suspect they will lose to Arkansas and will lose the East. 

Remember back when many Alabama fans were hoping for Spurrier to come to Bama when Shula was out?  Saban was even widely seen back then as the big "anti-media" guy for "lying" to the Miami press...  it was just the way things roll in the business folks.  Could Saban have handled it better, yes.  I am sure he would agree. 

But I am dang glad we got Coach Saban instead of Coach Spurrier.  We might be having to babysit our cranky old ball coach if we had. 

Thank you, Coach Saban, for coming to Alabama!  

Thank you Spurrier for going to South Carolina. 

Mal Moore hired the right guy. 


Watch the video of the rant!

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It was long before this that I was glad we didn’t get him! I pretty sure for me it was when it was officially announced that Coach Saban was on board.


Has anybody read Steve Spurrier’s new book My Battle with Prozac?

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