Florida Hires New Head Coach. Guess Who?


will muschamp
It is official. Florida has a new coach. His name is a very familiar one to Alabama fans, Will Muschamp.

Muschamp is the now-former defensive coordinator of the Texas Longhorns. Prior to that, he served as defensive coordinator at Auburn and LSU (when Saban coached there).

This news comes today from the Florida Gators official website, www.GatorZone.com.

Florida's athletic director, Jeremy Foley, confirmed in the report that Coach Muschamp was the first & only applicant interviewed for the job.

It had been widely thought that Will Muschamp was going to be the coach-in-waiting for the Texas Longhorns when Mack Brown retired. However, this opportunity was too sweet for Muschamp to pass up. Not only does he have prime recruiting in Florida, but he and his wife has family that live in Gainesville.

Leave it to Tebow. Tim Tebow broke the story on Twitter, creating a buzz, but the hiring was quickly all over the news.

The Gator nation is hoping for a quick turnaround in a season that has become a messy one this year in Florida. Strings of arrests, player discord, & some odd play calling has led to a lackluster year for the once powerful Gators.

Floundering to a 7-5 record, Florida even was manhandled by Florida State. Urban Meyer obviously lost focus, and was secretly hoping for retirement all year long. As a result, the spiral downwards was a strange one to watch.

It is thought that Will Muschamp will be targeting Alabama's defensive coordinator, Kirby Smart. Known to be good friends with Muschamp, Smart admitted to spending time with Muschamp in the off-season.

Nick Saban, usually endorses a move up for assistant coaches, not lateral moves like this. However, it is all up to Kirby Smart. I'm hoping that Kirby Smart stays.

Nick Saban's former assistant coaches are definitely hot hires for head coaches right now. Dooley, Muschamp, Dantonio, the list goes on...

I believe every college in America wants what Alabama has right now. Alabama may have lost three games this year, but it is easy to see that Alabama is very talented and deep and will compete year-in and year-out.

Florida hopes so...but Nick Saban will definitely have something to say about that in the years to come. 


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