Have A Good Auburn Joke?


Telling a good Auburn Joke is really a fun thing to do, anytime of the year, but Iron Bowl/Thanksgiving week (and the week after if we win) is essentially the pinacle of Auburn joke-telling in the state of Alabama.  Like Jay Leno was glad to have George W. Bush around for his monologue, Alabama folks are so glad we have Auburn to joke about as well...  the material is endless. 

Now lets get on with the Auburn jokes. (Feel free to post your favorite here or on Facebook.) Here we go...

    1. There was an Alabama elephant, a Baptist preacher, and an Auburn eagle walking down the road after the Iron bowl game. The preacher first asked the elephant for his favorite gospel hymn. Immediately, the elephant yelled "Rammer Jammer!!!!!"...no I mean "Amazing Grace." The preacher said, "Very good!!!! Amen" Next the preacher turned to the eagle and said "What is your favorite gospel hymn?????" The Auburn eagle started spreading his wings and said "I'll FLY AWAY!"

    2. What does Cam Newton have in common with Bo Jackson?  He's already made the big bucks playing professional ball..   (LOL   Just a joke folks.. he's innocent until proven guilty)
    3. Two Auburn fans are walking in a field. One says, "Look! A dead bird." The other one looks up into the sky and says, "Where?"
    4. What's a seven course meal at Auburn?   A possum and a six-pack.

Do you have a good Auburn joke?   Tell us!


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An Auburn student is visiting a cousin up North… while sitting at a bar he makes small talk with a beautiful girl. She asks “Where do you go to school?” he replies” Auburn…. where do you go to school?” She replies “Yale”. He says “WHERE DO YOU GO TO SCHOOL!!!!!?????” RTR

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