Is this a JOKE? ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit Picks Auburn to Win The SEC West


ESPN Kirk Herbstreit
One of the craziest predictions since San Jose State's freshman kicker stated he was ready to knock Alabama around, ESPN's color analyst for College Gameday, Kirk Herbstreit, actually thinks that Auburn will win the SEC West this year! What a joke! Man, I am on the floor rolling. Auburn may win a game or two more, but they have to go through the buzz saw of Alabama at the end of the year. They have no chance.


What does ESPN stand for anyway? Extra Sensory Perception by Nincompoops (Who think they know football?)

Auburn's second team units are full of freshmen. Their talent level may be better from the good recruiting year last year; however, they are very young. Coach Saban has Alabama ready for 2010. Alabama is a well oiled machine.

It amazes me that the top sports company on the planet, ESPN, would have a guy like Kirk Herbstreit on the top of the food chain there. He is the face of college football for this mega media giant and he comes out with drivel like saying Auburn is going to win the SEC West? That’s like everyone last year saying Ole Miss was going to win the SEC. It seems to me that it is popular to try and predict an upsurge by a predictable play toy like Ole Miss & Auburn. Sure, Auburn played Alabama a decent game last year, but most of it was based on trickery. The overall best team finished 1st because of superior physicality & mental toughness.

Even a casual fan has to remember the Auburn team of last year that struggled with Ball State and then LSU, Arkansas, Georgia, & Kentucky took the Tigers out to the woodshed. Alabama also knocked the kitties out.

I predict Auburn this year will definitely lose to South Carolina, LSU, Georgia, & Arkansas. In the SEC West, 4 losses won't do it. Especially with Bama riding high. Expect Auburn to keep coughing up hairballs on gameday and for one Gameday announcer to start eating eagle, er... I mean crow. Chow down Kirk! 🙂

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Today’s date is 25 October 2010. The time is 11:07. I am not sure, but it looks like Kirk sure as hell knew something this poster didn’t. Don’t look know, but the “kitties” are, dare I say, “rolling”…


It looks like you put a lot of effort into your post. Not sure how accurate it was, Ole Kirk is dead on.

Alabama Crimson Tide
November 7th, 2010 at 7:54 am

Sad to say, he is looking more like a genius everyday!


is this site a joke? dont put things in print unless you know for sure big boy!


lol looks like he was smarter than you thought


HAHAHAHAHA I bet you feel like such an idiot now. wow this is hilarious. That is the reason why Kirk works for ESPN and you would never have a chance.


when Auburn beats us, Saban will go to Dallas.


Still rolling on the floor laughing?


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm –
is there White-out for internet articles like this so the author isn’t constantly embarrassing himself when it’s read….again….and again….and again………
Oh, never mind. I just remembered that it’s on an Alabama Internet Blog, and therefore won’t be read much….’cause most bamer fans can’t …….


LMAO! Auburn, FTW!


While you are eating your crow: I’ll be eating some good ‘ol fashioned ginger.


Priceless! Can you say DELUSIONAL!!!! Who’s eating crow now???? Now I’m rolling on the floor laughing!!!!!!


So what do you say now?!?!?!?!?!

This Guy Right Here
November 18th, 2010 at 3:27 pm

this is sooo funny! You are going to get more comments to your stupidity when this thing goes viral on FB. Good luck you homer idiot!


Wow, I guess it must be real funny to you know, cause this joke is true. Probably should have stopped being a cocky bama fan for a second and thought it all through.


I don’t know about him, but I am after reading this.


Hey douchebag, how do you like us now? Cough, cough, cough….My apologies. It seems like I was coughing up a Heisman trophy and potential championship trophies. Let me guess, your next post will be, “I guarantee Auburn will lose to Alabama, South Carolina, and go to the Outback Bowl again for the 2nd year in a row.”


This just made my day!!!!!!

Thanks man!!!


How’s that crow taste Herbie? Oh wait. How does that crow taste Mr. Random Blog Poster?


Ahhh the irony!!! Gotta love digital footprints!


CHOW DOWN INDEED!! ROTFLMBFAAO (rolling on the floor laughing my big fat Auburn a$$ off)


HA, HA, HA! WAR EAGLE! That says it all!


That was possibly the craziest prediction since the La Monroe quarterback stated he was ready to knock Alabama around!


Well, I bet you feel pretty dumb now. Thank you so much for writing this, I haven’t laughed this hard in months. War Eagle!


Wow!! This is funny. How does the saying go, “you put your foot in your mouth” on this! Auburn Tigers are the SEC West champs!!!!!! War Damn Eagle!


what an idiot the author must be.


What clown wrote this?


This article is just typical for a complete MORON bama supporter. Bamers really think they are entitled to win. What a joke! They are soon to be a 9-3 team.


Auburn….. Wins….. WDE…. Nuf said.


It’s fun to watch bamers publish their stupidty. If alarbamer wins out I bet they go to tha national champ i on ship. spit* RAWL TAWD! idiot…


Looks like the “best 3-loss team” in the nation got flushed again


this is why the internet rules.


haha yeah this is a joke isnt it! Bama a well oiled machine…..thats a JOKE!!!! Enjoy saban for a few more weeks because he is headed to Dallas


[…] Kirk Herbstreit is such an idiot, with his picking the winner of the West before the season started and […]


Good call there


You make it sound as though Alabama is such a superior team to the Tigers. You do realize that Auburn has won 6 out of the last 8 meetings between these teams. 80% win rate sounds good for Auburn folks. By the way, as of now the Tigers are the SEC West champions. Alabama is a good team as well, and will most likely be the hardest challenge Auburn faces this year, but you were way off. That’s why I don’t make predictions in the SEC.


I would just like to point out that Alabama actually lost against the first two teams that you ‘predicted’ Auburn would lose against. Given, Auburn has the Iron Bowl left which could knock them out of the national championship if lost… nonetheless, Auburn is still going to the SEC championship to play someone they have already beaten and that Alabama lost against. I’d have to say… thats about as comfortable as it comes.
Sure, Alabama beating Auburn would give Alabama another bragging right against Auburn (I guess?)… but personally I’d like to see an SEC team in the national championship to beat out Oregon (who?) or Boise St. (who?)
And… I guess you owe Kirk an apology.


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…. HahahahahahahahahhHhahahahahahha…


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