Terrence Cody Has Baltimore Ravens Really Excited!


terrence cody baltimore ravenWhen your nickname is "Mount", standing for mountain, and are drafted in the second round of the NFL, there has to be big expectations. The big lovable player known as the lovable "Mount Cody" to Alabama fans is beginning to open some eyes at the Baltimore Ravens training camp.

Before the Cincinnati game last year, the Ravens had a streak of 39 football games without a runner going over 100 yards rushing. The Bengals did it twice.

After the Ravens got beat by the Cincinnati Bengals twice last year, mostly for lack of them being able to stop the run game, Baltimore definitely needs some in the middle. When the opportunity came in the second round to draft Alabama's big man, "Mount" Cody, the ravens grabbed the opportunity and picked him as the 57th pick of the draft.

Terrence Cody obviously worked really hard in the off-season to improve his weight situation, and was able to get under 350. This makes him a much more effective defensive lineman for the NFL because of his improved quickness and sustainability.

The problems with his weight had led to Nick Saban often leaving Terrence Cody out of the game on long third-down passing situations. With the money on the line, Terrence Cody in the off-season buckled down and began to work hard to lose the extra weight. Right now he is at 345 pounds which is a full 25 pounds lower than the shirtless picture of his weight in at the Senior bowl.

The signs are definitely promising that if Terrence can stay healthy, he will be a force on Sundays. In fact, Terrence has said since the draft that he now has something to prove to the naysayers that thought he could not last on third downs.

Baltimore Ravens helmetTerrence Cody is a physical specimen evidenced by the fact that he could dunk a basketball, blocked field goals, and leap over quivering quarterbacks following a sack. It is his rare combination of size and athleticism that enables him to take his physical tools to the next level, the NFL.

My Cody's first step off of the line is extremely quick anyway, but put it all together with less weight in the ability to sustain, he should be a force on Sundays. In fact, it is the quickness that really impresses his coaches at Baltimore.

Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison said "We are really, really pleased with the player we see," enthusiatically. "All the things we hoped, all the things we thought we saw either on film or at our workout or heard by word of mouth from coaches we respect ... all those things up to this point have been coming through."

The Baltimore coaches are thrilled with how quickly he's picking up the Ravens defensive schemes and melding into the defensive front. Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison went on to say that Mount Cody is "really exciting" because of his explosiveness off the ball.

All-Pro Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Ray Lewis, should be thrilled to get the same advantages that Rolando McClain received from the big man these last two years. Mount Cody simply clears room for the linebackers to move, and will almost always tie up more than one man with his strength.

With the addition of Mount Cody, the Baltimore Ravens will rise to the peak as the top defensive team in NFL once again.

Watch out Bengals, and the rest of the NFL, here comes a mountain!

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