Saban Said Cody Could Have Been A “Rabbit”


Nick Saban was amazed at Mount Cody's weight on Pro day. Who wasn't? Coach Saban made the opportunity available for Mount Cody on passing situations to come in and play "rabbit" as a pass rusher. Only stipulation? He had to get below 350, specifically in his mind.. 348.
On Pro day at Alabama, Coach Nick Saban said,

"I told him he could play on the rabbits (passing situations) here if he could get to 348," Saban said. "I picked 348 because I knew in my mind he would never get there, so I was real happy to see him get there today."

Mount Cody said that to lose the weight, he disciplined his eating habits and did cardios for 2 hours a day during his daily workouts. I bet he ate a lot of raw carrots.. Whatever it was, apparently it worked!

Cody aid that it is motivation that makes the difference. I would say that money motivates. Cody said, "The main thing is you've got to be motivated," Cody said. "You can say you're going to do it and then you get out there and it starts getting hard, you're going to quit." ...but he kept going.

It is possible now that mount Cody may be in the top 15 picks of the draft and if he is, it will mean a lot of greenbacks for the new "Rabbit" Cody!

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