Now that we have heard the wonderful oratory from the president pronouncing the greatness of Alabama football by stating that "BAMA IS BACK", now I want to hear from you! Do you love OBAMA more now than 2 days ago?? Come on Alabama Republicans... Alabama Democrats! Share your true feelings on Facebook of how your feelings may have changed for the man in the White House, President Obama...

You do have to hand it to him... he said one more of a speech yesterday!!! His Aubie press secretary, Robert Gibbs, however, did not think so highly of it! Obama said that Robert was hiding in his office... but was born and raised in Auburn. Go figure! LOL

OK... Question...
Do you love Obama more today than you ever have????

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I don’t care how often Obama uplifts the Alabama Crimson Tide. I can’t stand him


I respect the fact that he is a man doing all that he can. He is not out to make his pockets fat by pushing the people towards the things that would be beneficial to him behind the scenes. What I do not like is the disrespect & racism that pops up on posts related to whatever politics are being discussed. The behaviors of the American people, your & my neighbors, allows me to show my children to be aware of this place & how crooked politics has been for decades. i thank him for standing up for the little man with no voice, the man who would have been trampled in the stampede of special interest.


NO,OBAMA!!! Please don’t let him around Alabama Football cause they will end up a Trillion dollars in debt, And Don’t ever say O-BAMA when your talking about Alabama Football !!!! If you want to say something say GO_BAMA,or just BAMA, Never O_BAMA, Lets hear a Heck Yea,, ROLL TIDE !!!!!!!


I just support ALABAMA RTR

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